FS: Thunder Exhaust Manifold

Been trying to sell this to a few people locally, but nobody has seemed to follow through.

This is the Thunder Exhaust Manifold that replaces the stock manifold on the Mazdaspeed Proteges.

This is a verson 1 manifold, but it has been sent back to the dealer to have it re-welded with reinforcements.

This has never been installed on any car since it has been re-welded.

I'm selling it for $340 USD shipped or best offer.

I can take better pics, but I gotta find the digicam. These were taken from my phone last night.


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Rust Bucket
did u have the holes redrilled?
cuz that was the problem with the v1's they had the holes for the exhaust bolts off by like 3-4mm
so it wont even fit onto the head unless u redrill them
I don't believe so, but I'll check it out. The original owner bought it and experience the cracking problem on the of the welds near the collector. So he sent it back to Protephile to have it fixed and it seems they added/welded the reinforcements (like the V2). I bought it after and never installed it. This manifold is still warrantied by Protephile from what I know.

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