Mazdaspeed Protege
Making a build thread to help me keep track on my mods. Bought the car in beginning of 2019. Mainly was looking for a shell and this one was pretty clean. Before I bought the shell I was already collecting parts and working on some.

:cool: If something listed has this emoji. It’s something I modified or built

2003 Protege5. Brought it home, got it started and moving. Next day, straight to the car wash. The modding began...


Started with dissembling the car. Removed anything I didn’t plan to use or had plan to replace







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Mazdaspeed Protege
  • Stock FSDE
:cool:Garrett GTX2867r, T2 exhaust housing ga, comp housing rotated down​
:cool:Aem intake, 2.75 to 3 coupler, bypass valve inlet modified to 1.25” w/Aem dry flow offset filter, hole added for intake temp sensor​
:cool:Thunders style turbo manifold port and gasket matched​
:cool:Pope fully ported downpipe w/ flexband, wideband o2 bung​
:cool:Factory oil dump modified to clear downpipe​
  • Agana Metal Fab - downpipe back 3” piping, v-band clamps w/ Greddy sp2
  • Turbosmart 7 psi wastegate
  • Greddy type a bov
:cool:Perrin fmic hot pipe modified for rotated turbo, recirculating tube for bov​
:cool:Ron Davis full size rad, spal fans, custom fan shroud​
😎Aluminum coolant overflow​
:cool:Lower rad hose, Hydra straight neck w/
Jdm low temp thermostat
:cool:Oem intake manifold fully ported, shaved and welded​
  • OEM throttle body ported by maxbore w/ Rev.13 throttle body gaskets
  • Hydra thermal spacers
:cool:Throttle body coolant line delete and shaved​
  • 626 injector seal bushing, new o-rings, new filters
:cool:Big three​
  • Sr Motorsports alternators pulley & water pump pulley
  • Medieval v3 power steering pulley
  • Hydra crank pulley
  • NGK wires and one step colder plugs
  • Mazda millennia type s pvc
  • Medieval air diversion panel
  • Hydra battery tie down
  • Full race vacuum block
  • Carbon Miata oil cap
:cool:626 valve cover, Toyota coil on plug conversion, drilled out, baffled, with -8 an fittings, cam sensor clocked, shaved​
  • Harnessed performance coil on plug harness
  • Haltech elite 1500 (waiting to be installed)
Parts that I have for my forged engine
  • Fully built head w/ custom grind cam shafts
  • Forged OEM Crank knife edge and balanced
  • Arias forged pistons
  • K1 I-Beam rods (May sell these to get Pauter rods)
  • Hydra cam gears
Parts I plan to fab or buy
:cool:Battery tray/oil catch can, Northstar Amg battery​
:cool: New turbo manifold, downpipe, intercooler, rad​
:cool:Coolant overflow​
  • 505zoom v3 intake manifold
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Mazdaspeed Protege
  • Msp trans
:cool: Msp lsd rev2/3 welded for reinforcement​
  • Msp axles and half shaft
  • Exedy stage 1 clutch
  • Fidanza flywheel
  • Redline MT-90
  • Greddy counterweight shift knob
  • Kartboy short shifter w/ Kartboy shifter stabilizer bushing
  • Exile AutoWorx shifter bushings
  • Exile AutoWorx trans saver brace
:cool:Exile AutoWorx bellhousing brace (I welded the brace in. Waiting for more parts before assembly​
  • Hydra front, rear, and passenger side motor mounts
  • Oem trans mount filled with 3m window weld
  • Goodridge stainless braided clutch line (waiting to be installed)
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Mazdaspeed Protege
  • Msp Tokico blue shocks w/ground control sleeves
  • Awr rear adjustable sway bar links
  • Awr sway bar bushing spacer
  • Ka injection adjustable top hats (waiting to be installed)
  • Hydra sway bar relocation mounts (waiting to be installed)
  • Msp front & rear sway bar (waiting to be installed)
  • Bc ds coilovers
  • Awr Front sway bar links
  • Awr rear trailing arms
  • Megan lateral arms
  • Progress rear sway
  • Nolathane poly control arm bushing
  • SuperPro steering guide bushing
  • Moog control arms
  • Moog inner and outer tie rods
  • New bellows
  • Steering rack rebuild
Parts I will fab up for my car
  • Front and rear strut bars
  • Chassis brace
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Mazdaspeed Protege
  • Msp leather seats
  • Msp door sills
  • Msp floor mats
  • Msp Sparco pedals
  • Msp single din cubby
  • Msp kenwood factory speaker
  • Msp tweeter w/Infiniti replacement upgrade
  • Pioneer single din radio
  • Kenwood 8” shallow sub
  • Msp kenwood amp
:cool: Sub box and mounting bracket​
  • Stinger audio sub kit
  • Foot replate
  • P5 leather door cards
  • Msp 03.5 cluster
  • Dave B gauge rings
  • Ferreus stainless background plate
  • Force fed steering column gauge pod
:cool: Gauge pod vent for center console​
  • Aem air and fuel gauge
  • Aem boost gauge
  • Led lights cluster, map, dome, trunk, center console
  • Mazda 2 hvac switches
  • Greddy counterweight shift knob
  • Stutzke air bag resistor for seats
Parts I still need
  • Aem oil pressure
  • Cluster dual gauge pod
  • Double din
  • Miata racing steering wheel
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Mazdaspeed Protege
2003 Protege5 white clean title
  • Mazdaspeed front bumper and Lip
  • Hydra anti sag fix kit
  • 2001 Protege5 fenders no turn signal
  • Sedan headlight
  • Protege5 roof rack delete strips
:cool:Trimmed rear bumper vent w/ 03.5 Msp lip (still work in progess)​
  • Rear wiper delete
  • Carbon fiber hood (waiting to be refinished)
  • Dg oem style carbon fiber spoiler (waiting to be refinished)
Parts I still need
  • Isport wing extension
  • Jdm Protege5 taillights
  • Paint
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Mazdaspeed Protege
  • Ray Engineering track r forged wheel 18x8.5 +33 offset 225/40 tire
  • Brembo evo 8/9 front & rear calipers
  • StopTech slotted cryo treat rotors front and rear
  • StopTech street pads
  • 929 master cylinder
  • Raymond Chan stainless brakes line wrapped in black

  • WedsSports TC105x
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Mazdaspeed Protege
Oil dump return milled and shaved to clear dp



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Mazdaspeed Protege
AMF custom 3” exhaust originally made for an Msp I had to refit the muffler. Stainless v-band clamps and the hks carbon ti



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