Firmware 74.00.311A

Hey guys, new on here.. looking to update my cx-5 2016 GT firmware.. its currently running v59.00.502 NA.. any chance someone can advise where to find the latest firmware and if it will work. Thanks
Hiya folks, I would be super grateful if anyone could help hook me up with a 4A N (ADR, AU. NZ, ME, Asia) version? Upgrading from v70.00.352. Many thanks in advance.
Hey, I’m looking for someone to share firmware update files. Would anyone be willing to PM the following files?

70.00.100A-FAILSAFE.UP (First)


NA N_74.00.230A-UPDATE.UP
Hi there also looking for this version or higher, is there anyone that can share?
See post of dunhillmc above
I updated my 2020 CX-5 v70.00.367 NA N to 74.00.311 NA N a couple weeks ago hoping to fix a couple annoyances (Sirius XM related) and no change. Search this forum, there is a user that will provide the firmware if you message directly.


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Just installed it in a 2017 ND, nil issues on install and works great. Definite improvement in response to commands (I had 59.00 firmware prior to this and installed latest 74.00 directly with no older versions required first, it was as smooth as can be.) Now to install the new hub and cabling and get CarPlay working.
Big thanks to Ash8