engine cranks but does not start error codes: p0171 p0455 p1569 p1250


mazda protege
ok so i hope to not be duplicating any posts, as i searched last day for something that matched these errors and my issue. hoping to get some assistance:
backstory mazda protege 2003 parked at playground and I stepped away for 10 minutes leaving it idling for about 10 minutes. When i came back it had stopped running and i don't know why. i try to start it nothing happens. Time pass, i tow it home error codes are:
p0171 - system too lean bank one
p0455 - evaporative emission system leak detected gross leak / no flow
p1569 - lmdc circuit malfunction
p1250 - fule pressure regulator control solenoid

most things i have read say something about over filling gas tank, check gas cap. others go into replacing purge solenoid valve and other parts (mass air flow) but those are specific to 1 of the above error codes. I am having trouble putting these together to see what could be the cause. i don't want to go into a bunch of pats in attempt to fix it. also almost all posts about the above error codes say the car still runs and mine does not. would really appreciate some direction on where to go.
2003 Sunlight Silver Mazda Proteg5
Saw your post when it first went live. P1250 has to do with the fuel pressure solenoid on top of the intake manifold (located beside the throttle body.)

I had this issue a few weeks ago. Check wiring to make sure there aren't any possible shorts. There is a way to test the solenoid. My guess is a bad solenoid. The symptoms may affect crank time.