Dongar dashcam adapter - It's the shizzle

Yeah I have a 2022 CX-5 S "preferred" Its a lower S model with some gadgets added on.. and it still had the auto dimming homelink mirror. Evidently in 2019 then went from a mirror with a black plastic border. Someone with more knowledge can correct me. but I don't believe the mirror has changed since they went to the frameless. 2017-2022 Mazda CX-5 Mirror, Auto-Dimming, Homelink 0000-8C-R06 |
I stand corrected. I thought the frameless homelink mirror was standard, but evidently you can still get a model with the framed mirror. It appears my 'preferred' packaging delivered the frameless mirror.

The new CX-5 2.5 S Preferred package will add a power moonroof and power rear liftgate from the previous model. Inside are black or silk beige leather seats with both driver and passenger receiving power adjustability in eight-way and six-way, respectively. The driver’s seat also includes two-position memory. Auto-dimming rearview mirrors with Homelink is also added to this package.
I can confirm that the Donger from the Amazon link works perfectly on my 2022 CX-5 S non-turbo with non-frameless mirror, plug and play! My garage door opener works when power to car is off and dash cam turns on when the car starts.
My only issue was getting the mirror cover off which took a little bit of work but I got it done.
The dash cam is mostly hidden behind the mirror from my point of view when driving and I do keep the screen turned off.


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Man that adapter is such a find. I have never been able to skip running wires from the fusebox up and around the windshield. So nifty.


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When removing the thingy, pry the 2 sides apart only, do not pull down
Exactly! I tried pulling apart by hand and how they did it in the video from the bottom edge, but neither really worked for me. I found it easiest to put a plastic pry bar inside the large opening where the mirror comes through, not the vent, of the two pieces and then pulled to the side (right in my case) to remove one of the edges