Does preferred trim have rear parking sensor?

I bought CX-30 preferred package this week. I cannot hear any warning alarm whenever I do rear parking. Does this car have rear parking sensor? Is it different from rear traffic alert system?


Good question, I don't have a CX-30 but I did find this page...

Update: I don't know where you're located but according to, all CX-30 variants feature "rear parking sensors" and the "Vision Technology" package adds front parking sensors (in addition to other features). Note the source appears to be Australian.

Here's a link to the article mentioning this...

Can't seem to find any mention of parking sensors on the Mazda USA website even when using their compare feature...Unless it's worded differently and or I missed it?
My Mazda CX-30 also does not have rear parking sensor. I did not pay attention to it when I was buying it and now I think it would be useful. But the car is good, so it's not so important. The only thing I don't agree with is the price. I think it’s inflated.