CX-90 Photos

2019 CX-5 AWD


Agreed, the color looks great in low light. I mentioned it in the other thread but I really like the wheel design. It does look like it has a lot of wheel gap, more than the CX-9 at least.

Did anyone notice what appears to be a lack of a hofmeister kink? The rear window looks pretty large.. I wonder how accessible the 3rd row is.
I can live without the wannabe hofmeister kink, but I’m missing the slight upward sweep that made the original CX-9 look so sleek. Also the blunt front end teaser view made it look more like a London cab versus either the original or kodo CX-9.

But all these “piecemeal” shots really don’t provide a fair overall view, so I guess we‘ll have to wait for the reveal to know for sure… 8 days.