CX-90 AWD Test

While the slip test is a good indicator of how well the AWD system is controlled, it doesn't necessarily translate to real world performance.
Cx-9 overheats the rear diff and cx-90 overheats the front diff. Mazda can get you thru inclement weather but don't expect it to outperform Subaru in off-road situations.

I don’t care so much about the roller test, but they did do a short off road circuit at the end.

Also not all subaru AWD are built the same, although they like to advertise them as if they are. But i agree the title of “watch out subaru” is just an attention grabber and click bait. There is no mention in the video of whether it is better or worst than a subaru. But the real life result they tested at the end are good and better than the average AWD found in a lot of these road focused SUV.