CX-90 Blind Spot Monitor Malfunction

Can you enlist the Lemon Law in your State at this point and make them buy the car back? In September, I did that with previous car and they paid me fully what I paid for in 2022. Defect in the way the engine was made. So, perhaps you just got a lemon here. I would pursue that. I love my CX-90 and have had zero problems. Same with a buddy of mine.
In my state it has to be 4 failed attempts to address the issue or 30 days out of service in a calendar year.

So we'll see.
Picked up the vehicle at the dealer today and asked them to re-print my service orders so I was sure I had all of them; while they printed I read the latest order and saw the dreaded "tech couldn't replicate issue." Not only that, but the tech added that the air-con was blowing cold within Mazda's specifications. BS.

When I dropped the vehicle off, the service rep checked the air con and noticed herself that any temp above 64 degrees blew hot air, but she wasn't there to confirm. I nearly lost my #$^@ but calmed down and drove home, turning on the air halfway there to allow it time to cool the cabin.

At home, I gathered two different instant-read thermometers and measure the air at the vents, and making a video of the procedure. They registered anywhere between 98 and 111 degrees; I was literally and figuratively steaming and went inside to call Mazda, being cut off twice and then waiting over a half-hour before hanging up myself. Finally getting through, I explained the issue in full and tried to send the video to the rep but my phone said the file was too large, which I doubt, but the rep said she didn't need it. I got another case number and will try to send the video another way.

Then I called my dealership and detailed what I had done with the thermometers and said I would bring the vehicle back in after the holidays and show him the video; I was informed that they wouldn't use it as the tech would have to replicate the issue; I said I would demonstrate the issue to tech myself using my equipment, which I had just calibrated the day before. One was spot on at 212 degrees in boiling water, the other 211.5, so I know their accuracy, The rep I talked to said okay, but sounded disinterested.

We'll see.
Are there any Australian CX-90 owners out there I may beable to help out, if you could message me , click on my Avatar and Start Message.