2017~2022 CX-5 Transmission and MPG

Hey Guys. Just got a 2018 CX-5 GT w/ 21K miles. First, only getting 15-17 MPG so far. Second item, getting strange sounds from front brakes when just warmed up for first time. Third and most troubling, Transmission shifting between first and second is slow. Going uphill is rough. I don't ride the pedal hard. I allow engine to build up slowly hoping for smooth shifts. Thats not happening.
Anyone having any of these issues, please share how you handled. My car is a Certified Pre-Owned with the (12) month warranty.


US 2020 CX-5 Touring AWD Soul Red
Your descriptions are somewhat vague. Regarding MPG, how many miles have put on it in arriving at those figures? How did you come by those figures? What kind of driving are you doing, stop-and-go in an urban center or something else? "Strange sounds" from the brakes? What kind? "Slow" and "rough" shifting are likewise vague.
Reset your A/B tripodometer, then check the Multi Information Display
  • If there is no past fuel economy information such as after first purchasing your vehicle or the information is deleted when the battery cables are disconnected, the actual distance-to empty/range may differ from the amount indicated.

Average Fuel Economy​

The average fuel economy is calculated every minute from the total traveled distance on the trip meter and the total fuel consumption, and the average fuel economy for either TRIP A or TRIP B is displayed.


The average fuel economy and trip meters can be reset by pressing the INFO switch for 1.5 s or more while in each mode. After the data is cleared, the fuel consumption is recalculated and the - - - L/100 km (- - - mpg) for the one minute prior to it being displayed is indicated.

Current Fuel Economy​

This displays the current fuel economy by calculating the amount of fuel consumption and the distance traveled.

Also check the Fuel Economy Display