Creaking/rattling when lightly pressing gas pedal or from R to D (2021 Mazda3)


I have Mazda 3 2021 Sedan that has creaking/rattling sound somewhere in the driver dash (below steering wheel) when I lightly press gas pedal and the car starts moving. It lasts 2-3 seconds only. It doesn't happen if I keep pressing the gas pedal while the car is stationary (like in neutral), or not turned on.

Also, same issue can be reproduced by going from R to D and that is what can be heard on video. (you will hear shifting gears, and then the sound that I'm talking about start at 0:02 and again on 0:07).

I know the sound is mild, but its bothering me as its occurring every time when car starts moving, so like after every light etc lol FUNNILY ENOUGH, my dear dealership couldn't reproduce the issue even though I also sent them the video.

Any idea what this could be and if I can DIY fix it?


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It sounds a bit like something related to the brakes, when there is an interference with every revolution of the wheel.

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