Car shut off while driving, fuel pump?


So my spark plugs blow every few months so I think I have a leak. This isnt the issue so dont dwell on this just back story. My check engine light flew on I read the code and I had random multiple misfires. So I replaced one spark plug that was shot I checked it with a multimeter and the wiring to the boot snapped so I replaced those with a napa brand boot. So later in the day im driving the car and check engine light came on, I lost gas and the battery light came on all working 5 seconds. Had to get the car towed home and havent gotten it running since. I have full power to the car but no power to the pump and no fuel coming out in the engine bay when you remove the bolt off the pipe when cranking the car. So I changed the main relay this morning, still no power. Put heat and new gas in the tank just incase it was bad gas, nothing. The fuel pump relay is reading okay on the multimeter but only 2 out of 4 prongs get a reading but I think its okay. So im wondering could it be bad boots I bought from napa? I had no issues until I changed them because that check engine light shut off. I bought a new fuel pump but the screws are so behind rusted in I gotta find a way to get them out. Theres no noise or power going to the fuel pump when you turn the car on or crank it over. What else could it be? Also where is the crankshaft sensor located? Im stumped now.