Buying our leased CX-30

2020 CX-5 Premium
We leased our 2020 CX-30 in March 2020. It is a fully loaded Soul Red model with just over 30k miles on it. It has been a great vehicle. The negotiated residual was a little over $18k, which is much cheaper than we could buy one the open market now due to reduced inventory and inflated used car prices.

We will be buying it. I did the same with my Audi A4. Leased for 3 years, financed, then bought it. I've been very satisfied. We look forward to putting many miles on it for years to come.
I'm in the same camp. The lease on my 2020 CX-5 GT PP in SR is up in August. I just turned 22K on a long road trip, and I can buy it out for a little under 20K. It's a no brainer. The only way I'll end up with a new one is if I can turn it for say 27k - which is possible, maybe - and use the 7k as a downstroke on another lease at the same payment I have now.

My wife's CX-30 is up in a year or so too and we will probably do the same with it depending on market conditions at that time.