Brooklyn Mechanic

Can anyone recommend a Brooklyn Based Mechanic that specializes in Japanese cars, or even better, Mazdas? Bought a 2021 GTR CX5 back in November and just got my first scheduled maintenance performed at the dealership. It was complimentary of course, but noticed that they usually charge $170, which is quite high IMO. Will need my tires rotated fairly soon and want to develop a good relationship with a local mechanic that actually knows the car.
Usually, dealership's website has service special coupons.
You might want to check that out.
Also, you can get an account on as Owner.
There you can find coupons also for a specific dealership.

Around me, oil change + tire rotation is stickered at $149 (SF Bay Area, known to be expensive in everything). However, I can find $99 coupons often, or even $69 on a good day.
Not sure it's a good idea to service a car under warranty outside of dealer
(that might be false in Brooklyn though - last time they changed oil they put the plastic hatch protection underneath on just one screw, had to go back after it started making rattling sounds against the road)
There is nothing special about the basic maintenance on a CX5 that you would need a specialized shop. Oil change, tire rotation, filter changes are all you need for at least the first 50k miles. At the dealer I work at, an oil change + tire rotation w/full circle inspection would run about $90

If you were changing the brakes then I would go somewhere that knows about putting the rears into maintenance mode
I'm cheap (or is it frugal?) I like to bring my own parts (sourced at my price, not theirs, usually higher quality than what they would offer) for any service I have done and pay for labor only. It isn't hard to find a qualified shop that will do it. It does save money when service needs to be done.