Guide 2nd Gen CX-9 Door Card Removal

2016 CX-9 GT
Removing the doors on any vehicle is pretty much the same. The only thing different from one to the next is which part needs to be removed to access the screws. This guide is using the front passenger door but it is essentially the same for all the doors.

Tools needed:
- #2 Phillips head screwdriver
- Automotive panel pry tool

1. Pull the door handle to access the first piece that can be removed. You can hook it with your finger or use a screwdriver or any other tool. Underneath you will find a #2 Phillips head screw. Remove that.

2. This part is tricky. If you’ve removed this part once before, you can just pull hard and it will come off. If not, you’ll need to use a pry tool. Find the seam on the handle and insert your pry tool. It is more towards the backside than it is the front. The first time I did this, it took about 30 minutes to remove. You’ll want to pry at the top of the handle as the bottom is held on better.

3. Once the handle is off, there are two more screws to remove. These are larger than the other screw from behind the door latch release handle. Keep that in mind when reassembling.

4. Pull. Hard. Find any part of the edge of the plastic door card that you can hold onto and pull. There are a bunch of white clips holding the plastic on. You need to pop all those off to remove the door.

5. Once the panel is popped off, the door latch release handle needs to be threaded through the door. For this step and the next one, I find using my knee to prop the panel against the door is the easiest way and allows use of both hands.

6. Unfortunately, there isn’t a good way to find the plugs for the window control or door locks. You’ll have to feel around to disconnect them. Don’t forget to disconnect the ambient light if equipped on your vehicle. The ambient light wiring stays with the panel. The other two plugs stay with the door.

7. You should now be able to remove the panel from the door completely. Now is the time to check to make sure all the white clips actually came with the panel. If there are any left on the door, remove them and reattach to the panel.

8. If you’d like to dismantle the door panel any further to replace broken parts or paint or wherever, flip the panel over and start removing screws and undoing clips. To get the handle and window controls off, remove all screws in the circled area below as well as undoing all the clips there.

Don’t forget the one screw on the front that will prevent you from removing the handle.

9. Reverse the steps to reassemble the door card and reattach to the door.