Guide 2nd Gen CX-9 Center Stack Disassembly

2016 CX-9 GT
Shoutout to @youri for providing the service manual instructions. They aren’t the worst I’ve ever used but I’ve also seen better. Hopefully I can do a better job at showing what needs to happen.

Tools needed:
- long flathead screwdriver
- short flathead screwdriver
- automotive panel pry tool

1. Insert panel pry tool as shown below. Once you can use your hands, pull out away from the center stack and then towards the back of the vehicle.

2. The service manual says that you can release the shift lock manually if you want. Let me tell you, you will want to do just do it now.

3. After moving the shift lever to neutral, use the small flat blade to remove the shift lever…Lever? I don’t know what to call it, but here’s what it looks like.

4. Remove the small spring using whatever you want.

5. The shift knob pulls straight up and off now. Place all the parts somewhere safe. Some are small (the spring) and easy to lose.

6. This is where the service manual does a terrible job is explaining and showing what needs to happen. I only have one hand while using my phone as a camera so this ain’t super accurate, but you’ll need to grab where my hands are and pull firmly.

7. Unplug the circled plug and the piano black part of the center stack is out.

8. Again grab where my hands are and pull hard.

9. Same as the first panels, pull up and then to the back of the vehicle. Once that is done, disconnect the connectors holding the panel to the rest of the stack. This is where you cannot remove the panel without shifting to neutral first. (probably. I’m sure you can do it but the easiest solution is just shifting to N).

10. That’s it! You did it. Now reverse the whole process to put it back together.
Thanks for this writeup (and the others as well)! You're a saint lol

I added your writeups to the CX-9 Resources section as well.