2022 CX-9 CE Trunk Road Noise

Hello All,

Recently bought a new to me 2022 CX9 CE and found my way to this forum as little things catch my attention the more I drive the car and now that I have a multi-hour long distance trip under my belt. Tracking some of the other threads related to rear vibrations and plan to have my tires checked/balanced and potentially have the CV joints looked at.

What I havent seen a thread on yet is if anyone else is having any excessive road noise coming through the rear liftgate door. Ive noticed the driver side corner of my rear trunk seems to be letting in alot of road noise. When Ive checked the weatherstripping and seals everything looks to be in place and consistent on both sides of the car. I do notice additional light coming through from outside when I look out the back in that corner from sitting in the car. The trunk doesnt seem to have any additional give on one side or the other if I push on it from the outside so I believe its fully locked down and latched. Any suggestions or is this light/noise leakage normal?
I never really checked, but i don’t think I have light coming through my trunk. Can you take a photo? Maybe some of bumper stops are not well adjusted ?
Hi Youri, sure. The first photo below is the only area if the car that I see a “deformity”, basically that piece of covering isnt flush…any ideas on how to get that to stay in place and be flush?

Photo 3 is the gap. When the door first shuts and the lock is engaging it seems to be tighter before it “locks” into place and slightly makes the gap.


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It almost looks like some of the clips that hold that rear interior trim in place are not holding. I have no experience removing that part to check behind it but I'd say it needs to be removed and reset into it's proper orientation.

That gap is absolutely not normal.
There is definitely something misaligned in this corner. Sure, the interior trim has this gap but it should not affect how the hatch is closing. Where did you get the car? Any chances that the car was in some kind of accident? It looks like someone removed the interior hatch trim - why? If everything is in the right place and there is no visible damage then maybe check the underfloor space to see how the metal sheets look like.

Anyway you can always take it to the Mazda dealer and let them deal with it. 2022 is still under general 3 years warranty.
Got the car from a Mazda dealership in FL (6-hrs away from home); CPO prior leased vehicle to 1 owner. Carfax does list a single "no damage accident" but it was on the front driver side fender...nothing noted for the rear. I'd agree that it looks like someone was messing around in that area in the back based on some of the other trim further up the near the window.

As soon as I get this move squared away in late May I plan on going to a Mazda dealership in NJ to get this checked and to also try to diagnos/address some slight vibration at highway speeds (thinking CV joints).
Actually looking at that first photo i think thats the answer…the trunk body itself looks bent and dented vs the passenger side being smooth. Can someone post of photo of theirs for comparison??
Ok. So this is how mine looks like. It appears that someone was definitely playing with your hatch and then decided not to mention anything.

I called the dealership and they are going to take it in next week and “see what they can adjust”. Definitely some sort of damage from the previous owner but unknown how extensive or what it looks like behind the internal trim.