2019 CX-5 Turbo OCC Issues

Just installed Oil Catch Can, and the dreaded CEL won’t go away. I’ve also noticed that sometimes at idle the engine will slowly rev to 2000 rpm, then drop, then rev to 2000 rpm then drop, etc.

I had to remove the CS SRI with Heatshield to route and connect all the vacuum hoses - I’ve already tried disconnecting and reconnecting my MAF sensor.

I’ll also add that getting those hoses on the valve cover and turbo inlet pipe ports were a pain in the butt.

Any suggestions before I bring this in for service?
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Disconnected the neg term of my battery - voíla! CEL gone! And it’s been gone for the last hour hoping it stays that way forever, but we’ll see after the first 500 mi when I have to empty it.

The only thing I had to do was reset the auto up/down feature for the windows - for each window, just hold up for 5 seconds after closing, then hold down for 5 seconds after opening.
So after disconnecting the battery again and re-tightening the PCV hose clamp, the CEL went away.

I’ve restarted the car around 10 times and drove about 7 mi, still no CEL.

During install, tightening the clamp around the PCV hose was difficult because it’s difficult to visualize.

Fingers crossed this was the source of the “leak”.
Just providing the community with an update.

The RIGHT bottle was collected 500 miles after install.

The LEFT bottle was collected after another 3500 miles.

Highly recommend, especially for the 2.5 Turbo! Thanks @CorkSport


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The amount of stuff which gets caught depends on the climate. During the winter I pick up more in my Mazda6 turbo as there is more moisture in the the air (around here anyways).