2016 CX-5 Driver seat power motor fix

I saw some other threads about this but here is the fix with a YouTube video I made. I have a 2016 Mazda CX-5 and the driver seat was only moving forward and backward on the right side, left side was stationary. There is a motor under the seat with two "cables" that attach to the side rails that make it work. the left side is a 2" cable and Mazda doesn't make a replacement part. There are some aftermarket replacements online but I couldn't find any from reputable sellers. You can buy the longer cable that goes to the right side if that is your issue. For the 2" cable the only places I could find a replacement was a solid piece of metal instead of the original springlike design. Another thread recommended getting 1/8" bar from home depot which I did, and was able to replace the 2" cable with it. My video shows every single step of the process of how to do it, without taking the seat out. Obviously if you can get the seat out would be ideal but because I couldn't move the seat forwards, I couldn't access the bolts to remove the seat. Without further ado, here's the video...

and here's the replacement parts...

This is what I used in the video, purchased from Home Depot. 1/8" x 12" zinc key stock square piece of metal, cut to size

AliExpress has the stock replacement parts but it's not a seller that I recognized or trusted. The left side is 50mm and here's a link to theirs

I also found the long cable for the right side through Amazon. Part number TK81-88-0D1