2015 CX-5 Cracked Headlight Assembly

A couple of days ago, I ended up damaging the front passenger side bumper and headlight assembly on my 2015 Mazda CX-5 GT trim. Everything is still functional and the damage is mostly cosmetic. However, the headlight assembly will need to be replaced as it is cracked and I worry about the condensation issue and water getting inside and creating more issues. I figured that, the most economical way to replace the cracked headlight shroud, would be to purchase a used one on eBay. Apparently, I need a trim specific headlight assembly, as the HID one is different (different part numbers on Mazda part websites). Questions for you guys:

1. How hard is it to transfer all of the wiring, bulbs, AFS mechanism, HID components into the new empty assembly? Should I just pay roughly double the price and get a complete used unit from EBay?
2. is the Canadian trim with HIDs different from the US one? There are currently several passenger side complete HID headlight assemblies listed in Canada, but I’m not sure if they are compatible. i entered the Canadian part number from an eBay picture into a US based Mazda parts website and it didn’t work
13' CX-5 and 16' Mazda6 both Touring w/Tech/Bose
Headlights are important for safety. Can't you have your insurance cover it?