2014 CX-5 Transfer Case & Differential fluid change and analysis


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Hello All,

I just signed up on the forum, purchased my new to me 2014 CX-5 in early Feb with 65k, performed drivetrain maintenance as the AWD service history was unknown, all said and done wasn't to difficult of a task, oil analysis shows all is well with drivetrain so far. Soon replacing the ATF and brake fluid, as I drive 55 mi daily to work I need a reliable daily driver,so I should be good for awhile.

So far love the CX-5, I had to buy a replacement daily driver as my previous vehicle (Lexus CT200h) was totaled in an accident, hit from behind by a distracted driver.



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Welcome to the forum, Stu.

That's pretty low mileage for a 2014. I had a job where I drove 3 miles each way, so was in a similar mode. Then I moved to the country here in Central Virginia and had a commute like yours...put way more miles on my truck in one year than I had the prior five!!

Enjoy your time here. Lots of knowledgeable folks.

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