2010 Mazda 3 Hatch, GT, Headlight Assembly Replacement Part


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My 2010 Mazda 3 GT has a blown headlight and the assembly has condensation inside it. Obviously it's not sealed.

My dealer said it will cost ~ $900 Canadian for a new assembly. It has the levelling adjustment as original equipment. I see the Canadian model (daylight running lights, with self levelling, for use on models without fender signal lights) sells for around $850 US!

I see lots of places online where I can buy a much less expensive headlight assembly but don't know whether they will work.

1. Do I need to replace it with one that has the "levelling adjustment" feature, or can I just replace it with the non levelling type and do without the levelling?

2. Is it ok if it is different from the other (driver) side light?

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First, check to see if there are any recalls for this. Our Lexus RX400h would be repaired free of charge if condensation shows up in any of the headlights. Ours (a 2006 model) has been fine. You might want to check with the dealership parts person to see if the lower trim levels' subassemblies are similar. It may also be helpful to run it by an autobody shop that has done work to Mazdas of your car's generation.

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