2.5T Engine Coolant Leaking TSB

They should install the revised head and exhaust gasket set so your car should be solid after the repair. I am curious if you get 16 new valves or if they reuse the original ones
The TSB is showing that the new set of valves is included with the cylinder head. But also many other gaskets in the turbocharger and water pump and fuel line and drive shaft, etc. Even the wheel alignment is listed among the things to do. Mazda is reimbursing 11.3 labor hours for this fix.
I will take the TSB to the dealer and ask that they do every single thing listed there and will also contact MazdaUSA for them to connect with the dealer and make sure everything is replaced since they will be paying the dealer for it.
Will follow up with more details.


2022 CX9 Tourin
Interesting info. You must have the maintenance manual procedure. I have the TSB and it just says head and exhaust gasket have been updated. Maybe you have a more recent revision then I have.


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