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    Thoughts on Forced Induction on the mazda3?

    I read the whole thing and that is why I warned the others too. In my opinion you were the worst. I gave a warning and it appears to have fallen on deaf ears.
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    Here's a new one. parts replaced on my 5's front end.

    I actually had the same thing happen to my 08 5. Over a year of fixing other things. It was the passenger side front. I think i had it fixed before 30k miles under warranty. New hub and the bearing was bad. I wrote it off as a fluke brought on by bad warranty work. I figured they put the drive...
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    Thoughts on Forced Induction on the mazda3?

    Turbo, while i appreciate your info, please refrain from the unnecessary banter. Constructive criticism is helpful, but nobody needs to see how big your e-peen is. This also goes for any others.
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    Made in Japan?

    I thought they all were. Look at the vin number. If it starts with a j, it was made in Japan.
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    Mazda Has Abandoned Enthusiasts!

    Since when is mazdaspeed dead? Link?
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    Goodbye Mazda

    Glad everyone is ok. This is something Mazda should know about since it could have been even worse.
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    Mazda Has Abandoned Enthusiasts!

    Shut up and take my money. As long as I can get a base model under 30k.
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    Turbo Rotary Mazda B2600i Minitruck Build!

    Nice to see all these updates. Can't wait to see it finished and on the road!
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    Do you have another "non-family" car in the driveway? Looking at getting a second car

    I didn't see that it had to be a compact, but he did say that decent mpg is a must. The minis and even the mazda3 have small back seats. A mazda 6 has nice room, looks, and good mpg and can be had in a manual for fun factor. I like the Volvo ideas as well. Maybe even a cpo audi would be an idea.
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    Mazda Has Abandoned Enthusiasts!

    Mazdaspeed has always been limited edition. I'd imagine they have something in plans but without a big partner they have to make sure it is a good plan. I hope they are still working on the next rx as well.
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    Post The BEST Pictures OF YOUR MAZDA

    That is one clean mp3 for being in Toronto. Most proteges around here are all rusting out.
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    Do you have another "non-family" car in the driveway? Looking at getting a second car

    I'm pretty happy with my mazda 3 as a commuter. Depending on traffic you should be able to get 35 on the highway. With 2 years o of mostly city driving I still average around 30 mpg. Get a manual and it will still be fun. Stop and go traffic will be less fun but I've gotten used to it. After a...
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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    I've been wanting to do leds in my 3. What was the bulb size and which one did you get? Haven't heard of synetic but they look like they have descent prices.
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    Got my new car!

    Yeah it has been tough sometimes with my wife not able to drive a manual, but I do enjoy it a lot and my wife wants to learn.
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    Got my new car!

    Nice. That would have been better on April 1st. I was also about to go into a rant about driving an appliance but you saved it. Looks nice. Is it an auto?