Vibration at 65 mph

I’ve test drove the 2020 5 different times. 2 of the times I noticed some vibration when cruising on the freeway. I mentioned this to the sales person. He chalked it up to a safety feature that vibrates the steering wheel. So I researched the cx5 vibration Issue and found some people with the same issue.. From what I read one had the stock tires replaces and others didn’t really get a fix. Does the cx5 have a issue with a little vibration at 65 mph?
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There are a few complaints of tire vibration on the CX-5's OEM tires. That vibration and what the dealer is mentioning, are two completely different things. Lane Keep Assist (LKA) gives very noticeable vibration in the steering wheel, but not just above 65 MPH. If that type of vibration was occurring and not related to LKA, I would run from that vehicle!
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We have a '19 and never had any vibration issues with the OEM Toyo's. What was on the '20 you test drove? It's really not all that common.


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CX-5s are shipped at 50+ PSI to prevent flatspotting during transit and storage. Mine also came this way when I bought it. Bringing it to the correct 34 (17") or 35 (19") will reduce noise and vibration.
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I too have vibes at highway speeds for the first 10ish miles on my '19 signature. Goes away after tires get warmed up. I made a "complaint" about it on my 1st service visit and they re-balanced the tires. It didn't really change anything. Only seems to do it with cold tires. Oh well. I can live with it till I wear these OEM toyo's out


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Did they use the same tires on the 18 19 and 20 as all yrs have had a few vibration issues.
Yes for higher trim level CX-5, Mazda has been using only Toyo A23 225/55R19 on gen-1 CX-5 and Toyo A36 225/55R19 on gen-2 CX-5.

Based on the reports here, many of those who are having the vibration problem at ~60 mph on their 2018 and 2019 CX-5 have never resolved the issue. Few of them trying to resolve the issue persistently had to install expensive Michelin tires after multiple times of road force tire balancing on factory Toyo tires. Even that some said the vibration has come back after a while.

Here’s the TSB / M-Tips for the vibration issue from Mazda:


Like Sig cx-5 said above, I would also run from those 2020 CX-5‘s if you can feel the vibration during the test drive!