SoCal Mechanic Recommendations?

Sorry, I forgot that I posted this.

I had the engine taken apart because there was a coolant leak. It was not a blown head gasket but had to take the head to the machine shop (long story).

Anyway, the car has been sitting there with the engine apart for a few years. Finally, someone helped me put the motor back together and he was able to get it to start, however, now it is having unstable RPM and will stall (reminds me of a vacuum leak, but it could be a number of things). I attempted to troubleshoot and even reinstalled the intake gasket but with no success. I no longer have time to mess with it myself so I just want to tow it to a mechanic to get it fixed. But I want to see if I can find someone with experience working on these cars (or these engines).

The guy who helped put the engine back together has a lot of experience working on cars, but not Mazdas, so there were lots of trials and errors, and sometimes we would get stuck and I have to think back on how I had taken it apart or how I have fixed similar issues previously. I don't already have a mechanic shop that I trust and go to regularly, so I just want to see if anyone here can recommend someone. Since this is a forum for P5, I figured the mechanics that work on your cars would at least have some experience with Mazdas with FS-DE engines.

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