2017~2021 Rear hatch opening by itself?

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Slightly off topic, but I remember in the early 1980's (remember this is the UK and remote control door locks were science fiction) my friends had a Ford Granada (1978), Ford Escort (1974) and a Ford Cortina (1977) and the key from the Cortina could also unlock the Escort and Granada. Crazy.
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Any kiddos present for those finding the trunk open at home?

My Odyssey started intermittently relocking itself when hitting 10 mph about a week ago. Yesterday I figured out it was my 5 year old screwing with her sliding door lock lol! Shared at Odyclub for laughs, and ended up getting a reply that she should get a stern talking to and be forced to sit in middle the back row as safety is no joke. Thanks killjoy, shes 5 and Ive got the child locks on. I asked her if she wanted to fly out of a moving van on the highway like any parent would do and that about did it (eyeroll). I digress...
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All I could see is that may have picked up your pop in the same hand as the keys? I've done this a number of times. Usually with the key in my pocket. I really wish there was a solution for it - the button is way too sensitive. I agree with previous posts that it could be a double button option or something like that. I'm thinking I'll get a key fob case - hopefully that helps. Last point though - mine doesn't do any audible noise for the tailgate opening. Is that unusual? It's a '17 GT. It's also nowhere near 2 seconds of holding to get the tailgate to open. Closer to .5 seconds.
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The buttons on my remote are not sensitive at all, especially the one for the tailgate. Requires a decent sustained press for it to work.
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It happened to me today at work. It was not up when some co-workers went for a walk in the lot early in the AM.
Then at lunch break it was Wide open.
I work in a windowless part of the building at least 100yds away from my 2018 CX-5.
Can someone tell me if the remote works through cement block walls?
Did not feel like testing it today when work let out.
Kind of an embarrassing issue, akin of leaving my fly open lol.
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Yes, my remote works through concrete. I can set off the panic alarm while inside my house from about 25' - 30'.
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Ive had this happen twice in the two months that Ive owned my 2018 GT CX-5. I keep my keys on a wall hook at my house and it is impossible that it is an accidental button push. Has Mazda commented on this issue?
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I*ve had this happen twice in the two months that I*ve owned my 2018 GT CX-5. I keep my keys on a wall hook at my house and it is impossible that it is an accidental button push. Has Mazda commented on this issue?
Unless Mazda or anyone can find a way to duplicate this, then I doubt they will comment. It also takes enough people to report it to Mazda for them to even look into it.

I have had my car for almost a year, and never had this happen. My vehicle is in the garage all the time too, so if it happened i would see it.

The only possibility i can think of - if it isn't a button push - is that maybe some other remote is triggering it.


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I find impossible it's a button push impossible. You carry the fob from car to hook. Isn't it possibly possible that you activated it without realizing it? Maybe in the act of putting it in the wall? Who knows. I have a hard time believing the remote sends a signal all by itself unless it's physically damaged.
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Reading this thread I am glad that I bought my 2017 CX5 without the auto lift gate. I have to walk behind and lift it up manually to open it. Besides I get a little bit more peace of mind and exercise.
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I haven't read this thread for some time (been traveling quite a bit), and it's a little comforting to see that others are experiencing this as well (sorry all "others") and I'm not imagining things. Again, I am absolutely, without any doubt whatsoever sure that I did not trigger the button accidentally. I will take this up with my dealer next time I'm there for service. This worrisome and should be at least given some consideration by Mazda. From time to time, I transport a LOT of expensive photo gear in my car and an occasional quick stop somewhere may prove tragic. Even if with an empty car, imagine the consequences of your tail gate opening during a torrential downpour! No thanks.
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Defective fob is my guess.

Take the battery out of the "bad" fob and then use the other one for a while. See if it happens again.


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I just got my 2017 cx5 and my gate opened itself 3 times in 3 weeks in the parking lot..Nothing to do with me touching the remote..This is very concerning.
Switch to the second key fob and keep the first one out of range. Do not change anything in your routine and see if it happens again. If it does, it is either a user problem, you have two defective fobs, or the auto-liftgate module or something in the electrical system (BCM?) is malfunctioning. Complain to a Mazda dealer, then call Mazda Corporate to get a ticket opened. Good luck.
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Good chance something is bumping the open button on the keyfob. I took mine apart and cut off the small plastic projecting from the back of the open trunk button to stop this. I think it is a bad design as it is easier to push the open button on the back of the trunk than to fish out the keyfob to open the trunk anyway...