Windows only go halfway down?

2014 Mazda CX-5
Out of nowhere I can't open the front windows all the way on my 2014. They only go down halfway. The passenger's side window is also going down very slowly. Any ideas what could cause this?
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Bad battery is my guess. The voltage is low and has caused the window positioning to reset.

Presuming they'll go all the way down if you hold the button, run them down like that and then all the way up again (holding the button). That should reset the positioning. But check your battery.
Pueblo county CO
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When you say 'out of nowhere' are you saying you live in the desert? Have any big dust storms or 'haboobs' lately? It could be dust gumming up the mechanism. I experienced that once and sprayed a bunch of silicon lube in there.

Or the battery could be bad, etc. per the above. I had the 'auto up' mess up on my Mazda and the reset fixed it.