where to find used protege5 (or 323 or sport20 or whatever u call it)

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Where do you guys go (online) to find used cars in europe?

Specifically in Germany/Italy. I checked ebay.de and ebay.it but thats about it (and they didnt list much for mazdas!).


2003.5 Mazdaspeed Proteg
I think the best place to find used cars Online in Germany and Italy to be www.mobile.de

You may also look at www.autoscout24.de or just simply search for "gebrauchtwagen"

Generally cars from Italy is cheaper than in Germany byt usually not that well serviced. If you get a car from southern parts of Germany ask if it's originally sold in Germany, if it's imported from Italy try to lower the price a little just because of that - usually works because "everybody knows you may run into problems with an Italian car"

If you are planning to export a car from germany you may get the German tax back if the car was leased to the previous owner or used in a tax registered company.

And if you are unsure:
Protege = 323
Protege5 = 323F (Sportive)

Sorry about the late answer, oddly enough I'm not much on the Europpean subforum. If you need any help just PM, MSN or skype me and I'll help you out.