When did the 6-speed shift pattern change?

2012 Mazda5 Sport 6MT
I wasn't willing to spend $250 for an RX8 shift knob for my Mazda5 6MT, but I got extremely lucky and found two (!) at the Goodwill Outlet and snapped them up for $1.19/lb, so maybe I spent two whole dollars for the pair. They're not in perfect condition, but given the price I don't really care - the slightly worn appearance matches the slightly worn appearance of my car (living in the city and only having on-street parking has not been kind my poor baby).

One thing that I wouldn't mind changing would be the insert with the shift pattern. Both of my knobs have reverse down and to the right, whereas on my car reverse is up and to the left. It's hard enough finding anyone that can still drive a stick, like when I get the car serviced or washed, and I don't want some moron trying to back out in 6th gear. If there was another option, like an insert with a simple Mazda logo, I could go for that. I have seen some RX8s that have a shift pattern that matches my car, but I don't know in what year they made that change.

So if I wanted to find the correct 6-speed pattern insert what year should I be looking at? I find it odd that they would actually change the pattern during the run of a model but I guess that anything is possible.

Thank you.
@Bandley3 That's an R3 shift knob where the Reverse is high left. You'll want something from 2004 - 2008 for your first Gen RX-8 and yes, these shift knobs are stupid expensive. *waves angry fist*
Thanks for this info. I don't have an RX-8, only the shift knob which I'm using on my Mazda5 minivan. From what you've stated it sounds like the shift pattern with reverse up and to the left started with the R3 models, so I guess I'll check parts lists to see if I can find just the shift pattern insert for an R3 to fit on my shift knob.