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What have you done to your P5 today?

03 p5, 92 miata
You should hose the area down with something like this...

You can't stop the rust, but you can slow it down by 85%.

Consider taking it in for a proper undercoating, even if just once.

Keep your car going as long as possible.

My gas tank rusted through, so I replaced it.

It was still worth the time, effort and money.

My frame is reasonably solid.

My other side rusted through in the same way as your car.
I stuffed an oil soaked rag into the area.
It sealed the hole, slowed the rust, and stopped any exhaust from getting in.
I just want it to see end of 2022 so I can put classic plates on it, if even only for a year :)
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___ 323F ___
The oem EDM German ones have a little wing on driver's side and point the right way since they are left hand drive...........................scored them off ebay somehow


....not that it does anything other than add another non-USDM part to the collection of them on my ride. The MTB hanging on the wall next to car in front of the Mazda Banner is photo bombing................
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Can anyone point me to a step-by-step guide on removing and replacing an engine in a P5? Trying to convince myself that I can use a mini-storage nearby to do the swap from my MSP to a P5 since my house is still under construction and no garage space this winter.

I think I’m ready to throw in the towel on my 58K miles MSP as I still can’t find or stop the rain water leaks from the rear (window, both taillights, vent).

2x 2001 SP20 323's
Slow and steady wins the engine removal race!
Definitely follow the manual steps for this, it's broken down nicely for us and the manual is pretty clear compared to others!

Take LOTS of photos and grab a whole bunch of containers or bags for the fasteners, Label Everything! future you will thank past you :D
filled up on gas today, considering a hybrid swap now :ROFLMAO: recent fill up mpg at 20.2 previous few, 18.5 16.3 22.6 27.5(more highway on that one) I drive about 15 miles in town one way. makes me miss the little 5 speed spectra I traded for this, 27 to 33 mpg on the same drive, only filled once ever three weeks, i am down to 1/4 every two weeks. at least I have working ac in this one :ROFLMAO: