What did you pay for your CX-5?

2019 CX-5 Signature Soul Red Crystal
Paid $45K on the nose in 2019 with the top trim, taxes and extended warranty. Because of WFH since March 2020, I only have about 11K miles on it.
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2017 CX-5 Touring 2020 CX-5 GTR
Did an end-of-lease cash buy-out on our 2020 CX-5 GTR. Came to $23,800 with tax and dealer fees.

Got a great deal when we leased it, and the low buy-out is icing on the cake. Car is just now hitting 5,000 miles. Was to be my wife's commuter, but she went WFH (remote) right after we leased it. Should last us a while at this rate. LOL