What dashcam are you using?


2020 CX-9 Signature. 2019 BMW X3 plus 30+ others
I'm planning on installing a two or three camera dashcam and looking for recommendations. Most important must have includes a built in wide view interior camera as part of the main unit. Other primary factor is a good working dependable parking mode. Curious how these cameras can be mounted to be as discreet as possible but still provide an unobstructed interior view (from rear view mirror). Looking at Vantrue N4 and S2, Rove 3, and Viofo t130, plus a couple others. Appreciate any feedback/recommendations and pics where you installed your camera on the windshield.
Thinkware Q800PRO.
Been using Thinkware for the last 3 cars I had. When I got this, used it as an excuse to upgrade from my 750.
2022 CX-5 GT
I have a Viofo A129 Pro Duo. Seemed to be a great option for the price. Haven't hardwired it yet though.


2022 Mazda CX5
Considering this for a more clean look.. Camera seems meh, but looks like it gets the job done.

Someone in the comment section said it worked for the CX-9 as well.