What Accessories Should I Get? - 2018 CX-5 AWD Touring


2018 Mazda CX-5 AWD
I recently moved from CA to RI but I got a $1,000 credit to use on accessories from the dealership I bought the car in CA. I was thinking of using that $1,000 on a few accessories. I was considering the Mobile Start App but I been hearing terrible reviews and I would need to pay for the installation which isn't a huge deal.

Would love your thoughts on what accessories I should add on to my 2018 CX-5 AWD Touring?

I already have the following accessories on my car:
- Roof Rack (For my Thule Box :) )
- Rear Bumper Guard
- Windshield Sunscreen
- All Weather Floor Mats
- Cargo Cover
- Navigation System
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Not sure. Cargo cover and all weather mats would be the ones I would say, but you already have them. ;)

Could always do different things like lighting or pedals, or whatnot. Maybe a hitch? Some people like the mud guards.
Has anybody gotten the side window wind deflectors?
No, I use climate control all year around except on the rare occasion when it is not cold, rainy or hot and humid. And even then only for short periods because the wind noise and buffeting in the cabin makes the music hard to hear.

The side wind deflectors always seemed like a pain in the neck. Now if you smoked in the car, I could see a case for them.

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