Valvoline's "Restore & Protect" syn oil cleans engines

Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring 2016
Valvoline has a new line of synthetic oil, their Restore & Protect. Valvoline claims that in four oil drain cycles this oil will clean all carbon and sludge out of an engine. In this video they say they limited the cleaning action to prevent overloading the oil filter, thus the four oil drain cycles. It can't hurt. It might help. Keeping the engine internals clean is always beneficial. The producer of the video, Lake Speed Jr., is a tribologist (certified lubrication specialist) and what he says matches my education in oils and the components that make up an oil product. A 5 quart jug is only a couple of dollars more than any top oil. Your thoughts?...

Lake Speed Jr. on Valvoline's Restore & Protect oil
Well it won’t clean the carbon out of the air intake valves, because oil doesn’t go there.

I am not sure if there are other areas where carbon deposit is an issues.
Carbon in the piston ring grooves can be a problem; rings need to be free moving* to be able to seal against the cylinder walls and the bottom of the ring grooves. Carbon build up on shafts can accelerate wear on seals. I don't know if the extremely fine soot from direct gasoline injection, which is too fine to be caught by an oil filter, can cause problems if accumulated in sludge.

*On a very large diesel engine I ran each top piston ring had a triangular groove machined into the outer surface that spiraled from the bottom of the ring at the joint around the ring to the top of the ring at the side of the joint. A brass triangular insert was built into this groove. A sensor in the cylinder wall measured the distance from the top of the ring to the top of the brass insert on each stroke of the piston. This was a 92 cm bore engine running at 95 rpm. If that measurement didn't change it meant that the ring was not rotating because it was stuck in the groove. It gave us an alarm so we could change speed to get it to free up, or pull the (six ton) piston, clean the groove, and renew the ring at the next shut down period.
This could have just been an additive, many of which he tested in his last video. None of them were any good.