Upgraded subwoofers in CX-5 to aftermarket subs

Is it worth it to go through all this to get a better sounding base from the Bose subwoofer.

  • You are ripped off!

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  • Need to wire before the OEM amplifier

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  • Need to make further adjustments to the LOC and the JBL amp

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  • By the way, I set the radio to Centerpoint linear and one as the option

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  • Rip it all out and remove sub and miscellaneous crap under the trunk floorboard and install a custom

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  • Go back to stock and just learn to deal with how crappy the both sub is

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Hey guys, I had a shop, install my aftermarket JBL Club A600 sub and and LOC LC2I Pro into the car with a JBL Passive Sub in to the spare tir. When the original installers put it in, they wired directly from the pigtail off the OeM subwoofer (before th reconnect or in the trunk) even though I insisted, they connect before the OEM both from the out and they still At the pigtail directly into the LOC, and then JBL Sub.

If I go above 35 to 40 on the radio volume the sub suddenly out. I checked the JBL M, and it was not in protection mode. Also, I checked the LOC pro and it did not indicate it was receiving signal both the JBL amp and the LOC pro indicated power lights were on.

I checked the amp, and there is white light, but I was advised by Crutchfield if it turns red that indicates a protection mode.
notice if I leave the car for 20 minutes to half an hour, the issue resolved itself, but it still completely repeatable.

I work with Crutchfield and was told it’s common to have the shop wire the signal off of the sub to the LICLOC pro the to the subwoofer able to reproduce the issue, even though everything was set up by them over the phone as it made the adjustments.

After speaking with crutchfield,, I advise them if it might be in my good idea to wire in to the front speakers before the amplifier, and they advised against it because I have the LOC pro. It should be able to do whatever it is it does to alter the signal so that the amp gets good quality audio.

I asked Crutchfield if there was an authorized location/ shop, but they said they had none in the Northeast.

Long story short just wondering if anyone else wired their Bose CX five at the OEM post subwoofer pigtail, to the LOC Pro to sub

My next move is to have a shop splice into the output from the radio into the OEM amplifier. That is the Bose amplifier and then run those cables to the LOC to the sub to the M to see if I can reproduce the issue.

When I purchased this equipment, the Crutchfield, they advised me that the JBL 600 and the bass pro 11 inch passive sub would be a good compliment along with the LOC pro.

Any advice or recommendation at this point would be welcomed.
Well, I got some good news turns out the settings on the lock and amp were incorrect after working with another shop, as well as Crutchfield, no more cutting out things seem to be working well and able to turn up the volume as much as I want without it cutting the base.

Next post will have more details so this way others who decide to go. This route will hopefully not encounter the same issues I did. As it was not a wiring issue, but rather a settings issue on the amp and the LOC.
I can't think of a single modern amplifier that requires an LOC. Every single amplifier has speaker level inputs with a DC offset to turn the amp on.

If someone insists on selling you an LOC, they're simply ripping you off.
I will get some pictures of the loc and JBL amp settings per the shop that fixed the issue as well the fine adjustments nubs that came with the amp and LOC.
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“Theblooms” the JBL amp does not a built in LOC. as mentioned above pictures to show settings. I’m going for surgery and will have the pictures by Friday.
“Theblooms” the JBL amp does not a built in LOC. as mentioned above pictures to show settings. I’m going for surgery and will have the pictures by Friday.
Well, firstly, good luck with the surgery. I hope it's minor.

But yes the JBL Club A600 does indeed have a built-in LOC. Even clearly mentions it in the Owner's Manual. This is a screenshot of the page in the manual that describes how to use it.

Yeah, it’s minor surgery. Thanks for the owners manual. I had a professional shop install it for me, so I guess they were just trying to up sell me. once I get an opportunity, I will take pictures of it wired to the LOC. Afterwards I will plug it directly into the amp to see if it works and sounds better.
Yeah, they were definitely up selling you. Oh well.

Since you had a shop install it already, honestly I wouldn't mess with it. If it's working, just let it be as is.
The LOC has bare wire in and RCA out.

The JBL amp only has RCA in and regular/bare wire out.

They threw away the boxes and manuals after they installed the system. Thankfully, the system sounds pretty good the way they currently set it up. Having the ability to adjust the knobs for the amp and the LLC helps me to tweak the music so it’s not overly base or not enough base.
*Mounted under the dash in the cabin (forgot to take pictures).


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Oh Lord, that's a pretty hack job for a "professional".
Guess what? They're still using the high level inputs on the amp! And I have absolutely no clue why.

The fact they have bare wires showing, and didn't even bother to use RCA cables is just so, so wrong.