Stains on parchment seats (2019 CX-5 GT Premium)

I am looking at a 2019 CX-5 GT w premium package (ventilate seats, elec folding mirrors, heated steering wheel & back seats) 53K miles for 20K
Two questions

1) Is this a fair price?

2) The seats are parchment and have a couple stains. They said their color guy can fix the seats to cover stains / look new again. Does anybody know what the color guy does? Like do they dye or paint them and is this a good idea?
The vehicle is in good shape mechanic wise, 1 owner, clean car fax W regular oil changes & maintenance.
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Often dealerships will contract detailing/touch up work to other companies. Their color guy may use different products and processes to cover up or remove the stain, while another dealership will use another company that does things differently. Your best bet is to find out who will be doing the work and then ask them directly.