NA MX-5 Since I'm back, here's my Miata


I can count to potato
97 Miata

I used to lurk these forums years ago when I had a Protege5. Just yesterday I went on a 5 hour round trip with my friend to help him pick up a p5 so I'll probably be around looking for little odds and ends to help him get that car dialed in.

I sold my p5 years ago and got an 04 Chevy Silverado short bed regular cab. Eventually added my 97 Miata to the stable as a weekend fun car. When the pandemic hit I was working from home and not driving much so I sold the truck and just kept the Miata. Got tired of working in IT and being stuck at a desk so I recently moved and changed careers. Picked up a 04 Mazda6 wagon to haul my tools and still drive the Miata way more than I should lol.

Bought the Miata in 2018 with 91k miles. Has 115k now. I've been slowly upgrading/replacing things along the way. As far as mods go, the best was the first thing I did which was the wheels and tires. 14x7 RPF1's with Falken Azenis RT615K+. I also added a Roadstersport 4 catback with a Magnaflow cat, FM Randall carbon fiber intake tube, Fortune Auto 500 series coilovers with Supermiata endlinks, and a Miataroadster extended height short shifter.

About 4 months ago I moved from the Outer Banks to NKY/Cincinnati area so I put a fresh set of snow tires on the stock wheels. Drove it in the snow for the first time and had a blast. Spent the next day cleaning every inch of the car to continue keeping it rust free. I hate not driving it, but I want to keep it nice so I'm doing my best to resist the urge to pull it out of the garage.



North or south of the river? There's a pretty active group on Facebook (if you're on there) that has drives in good weather (Ohio Miata Owners). If you don't know about it there are two C&C in the area, the original at Ta'bogo Cafe (used to be called Fuel) on Riverside Drive, the other at Crestview Hills Mall (it's called Cincinnati Cars and Coffee).
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Welcome back, @Fluxmaven...Great post...What a beaut! Anything next on the mod list? If possible, please do keep us updated here...It would be great to follow along on your NA adventure! 😁
I live in Newport, work in Cincinnati. I'll definitely join both those groups. I'm less than 20 minutes from both locations. I want to start taking the car out to C&C as well as try SCCA autocross.

As for mods... I have a decent pile of stuff ready to go on whenever I get time.

I have a new soft top to put on once it gets warm enough to stretch it. Slight brake upgrade. (Just lines and pads). I really like the 14" wheels so I don't want to do big brakes right now. I have AWR hybrid motor mounts which are just their custom mount for one side and a Mazda competition mount for the other. Circuit Sports extended lower ball joints, and Treasure Coast Miata blueprinted hubs with ARP studs.

Long term I'd like to grab a Flyin Miata turbo kit (with a Megasquirt and bigger injectors instead of their voodoo box). OS Giken differential, lightweight flywheel, and a stronger clutch.