sagging front bumper (pics included)

Sounds like the little clips on the headlights have been broken from taking the bumper off. They are very easy to break and when they do, you get that sag. A cheaper fix than the AAC brackets would be to buy the clips from your Mazda dealer. Just be prepared to remove the bumper so you can remove the lights to install them.

IIRC it is this part -
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are those headlight fitting the car correctly? not pushing on the bumper. ?

the gap you got seem like and improperly installed bumper.

take off the whole bumper and put it back on, make sure everything fits in the correct hole, bracket. nothing is broken ?
Looks like more than just a headlight tab to me. Looks like the tab with 2 holes on each side that bolt to bottom of fender are broke. If the bumper has issues there, the sag brackets may not even make a difference. Based on what the hood looks like above each headlight, car has hit something or been hit....or is that just rust spots? Make sure none of the mounting points look OK but are cracked and make sure the metal bottom of the fender where it mounts to is straight too.
Car was originally involved in an accident when I bought it and rebuilt. It was like that when I bought it.
Car was originally involved in an accident when I bought it and rebuilt. It was like that when I bought it.

well in that case. you need to repair what is broken behind the bumper. take the car to a body shop if you cannot do it. but you need to take off the bumper and see what is not aligning.
The front end is all mis-aligned and it has the incorrect grille from a sedan. The body shop did not do a good job repairing this car
Depends on whether you want to remedy the issues or create new silly stuff poking out of the fenders and a new rust hole to be where those mount on fender side. Fix it right or use duct tape.
you are looking for a bandaid repairs that might cause u more issue in the future, if there is snow in your area, i am sure it will rust.

the body shop or whoever you got the car from did not do a good repair. you are most likely missing the shock absorbing foam in the front too. your car will most likely not protect as much as it was design to in a car accident. be careful
I would remove the bumper and see how many mounting points are damaged before buying anything.........other than duct tape. It's already sunlight silver, nobody will even be able to tell.
They might have just not mounted the bumper in the tab thingy attached to the headlight. If thats the case, with a fist, you can punch it back in place. If the tab on the fender is broken, maybe the brackets will help.. if the little stud thingy on the head light is worn down, it won't "catch".. (my passenger side situation)

it may be a new headlight situation..