Reset 2021 Mazda Connect

I have a 2021 Mazda CX-9 and I was having trouble recently getting my phone to connect via Apple CarPlay. When I plugged in the phone a message was displayed saying unable to connect. I did some reading and there was a procedure for doing a soft reset on the prior version of the infotainment system. I did it multiple times with the car running and it did not work.

Finally, I tried doing it with the car in the accessory mode (engine off and one push on the start button) and it worked. I pushed the mute button, nav, and back button.

The problem has happened twice and this solved it immediately in both cases. I’m going to call the dealer to see if this matches what’s in the service manual.
21 CX-9 GT
I had the same issue when I first bought my 21 as well! Now I have an issue that crops up from time to time where CarPlay gets disconnected and reconnects immediately. I found that deleting the car profile from my phone and deleting the phone’s profile from the car and then restarting both fixed the issue initially.

Be curious to hear what your dealer says!