2007~2015 Radio/Nav Not Working

Hey guys! I just bought a 2008 cx-9, and I was wondering if you guys can help me out with some questions.

The radio has nav and no matter what I do it just says “please insert correct map disc” with some Chinese stuff underneath. (I put a pic of the message in case anyones had anything similar) I checked and the map disc is in the DVD player in the trunk. The CD player doesn’t work, it just says “check cd” and navigation / aux cord / Bluetooth don’t work.

Has anyone replaced their radio in the 08? What plugs would I need to buy, if any? What would y’all recommend?

How do I change the clock time? Is there something really simple I’m missing? The credit card style key was really damaged when I got it, so I ordered one and switched over the battery and everything, and it’s working properly but how do I get the button on the door handle to work?

Thank you guys so much, I appreciate anything you guys can tell me! Sorry I have so many questions! Thanks again