Post Pictures of Your CX-5 Mods, Upgrades and Accessories!


Honda CRV 2007 EX-L
I see lots of posts about mats, skins, but no one has pictures! Can we start?
This way the entered CX 5 Community can Swag up together!

I can't start yet because I still have My Honda CRV which I haven't sold yet Unless you want to see my accessories
In any case, shall we begin?
Swag? yeah, that probably fits...

Had the dash trim hydro-imaged to carbon fibre.

Rear sill protector, and carbon fibre plate frame.

Custom designed badges and added the rear emblem fill.

Added a Kenwood head unit (no more iPod issues!).

...with backup camera.

Added heated mirrors.

Installed OEM remote starter.

Added a little spice to the stock wheels.

And black lug nuts.

Rear cargo liner.

WeatherTech floor liners, front and rear.

Probably more, but that's all that comes to mind right now.
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I like boys.
Nice audio deck. I was interested in remote start until I heard something about the motor turning off when the door is opened; have you found this to be true?
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Chris_Top_Her said:
Damn I wish you liked boys

Yes, as a safety feature, the remote starter is designed to shut the car off when the door is opened. Not a problem at all for me though, you just get in and push the button the same as you would any other day.
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heres my current mods:
CS intake
CS exhaust with custom titanium tips
H&R lowering springs
Xenon headlamps
Painted emblems, grill, steering wheel emblem, calipers and wheels
Window tint


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2014 CX-5 Grand Touring



I just added 3.5 inch tips to fill out the arches and pulled them out a bit so they are flush with the bumper, but the rest is all stock. It's my fiance's car that I occasionally drive, so want to spruce it up a bit. Other than this I added a K&N drop in. That will probably be the end of the mod list.
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Those tips look awesome. Magnaflow tips welded?

How do you like the K&N drop-in? I'm due for a replacement and was debating whether I should get the K&N or stick with stock.
I do have one and it's tucked under the bumper with a small bracket, you can see it to the left of the receiver.
my M3GT

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