OG msprotege forum member checking in...

2003.5 Blazing Yellow MSP (Forged)
What's up everybody. Glad to see some of these cars are still out there going strong. I am an old msprotege.com member and I have not been on here for a really long time. Not sure if any of the other old members are still on here or not. Anyway, I still have my yellow 2003.5 MSP. I have been through a lot with this car since I bought it new in 03 or 04 (can't remember exact date). While I have a ton of memories with the car and some sentimental attachment, it has been sitting in my garage for quite awhile now and it's finally time for us to part ways. It is modded to hell and back (built bottom end, reinforced lsd, 626 single runner intake mani, spec flywheel, exedy stage 1 clutch and countless bolt ons). It still runs, but needs some work. Anyway, probably going in the for sale section very soon to see if there is any interest from enthusiasts before I try to list it locally. I also still have a bunch of parts that are not on the car. Some of them have never even been installed.

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Sad to hear you are parting with your MSP. I'm an OG owner as well of a 2003 MSP (mica black). Mine is pretty much still in stock form (only a couple bolt-ons) but looking to update/upgrade parts. I'd love to see what extra parts you have that aren't on the car.

Welcome back and thanks for the update! Feel free to use our For Sale forum and please remember to include a hand written sign in your pics…Thanks again and hope your MSP goes to a good home!
Where are you located? I've been itching for something quicker than my p5 (though I'll get it there eventually) and I already wanted to get msp at some point.
Another long time member here. I never posted alot, but used to check this forum almost daily for many years. I just recently picked up #104 in Viginia, needs a diff. I've owned #249 for almost 12 years now. At one time I owned laser Blue #2500 (Bought with 70K on it back in 2007), sold it to a local kid like a dummy, I recently ran the Vin and saw that it was salvaged locally back in 2018. Probably crushed by now.




Ya Facebook sucks, I dont think ill have build a car that did not have forum support lol.
I lurk in here form time to time still though, ill be back in a MSP though, really want a KL swapped one though
Sorry for the slight thread jack @dirtysouth_msp just seemed like a mini reunion lol.
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I miss this forum, Facebook has ruined the forum car scene. I much prefer searching a forum and finding an answer with nice well written documentation.
Facebook wasn't designed for archival purposes. Their search function sucks (more so than any of the forum software out there) and is also slow as hell. Facebook was designed for posting something new and letting it fizz away after a couple of days.

Unfortunately, so many people have moved on from the forums, so the fact of life now is having to juggle between both places for any car stuff.

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