2016~2023 No audio and entertainment tab not working


I have just recently brought my 2016 CX-9 Grand Touring from US to Sweden (Europe) and after some initial issues where the car wouldn't start I now have the car at home. Unfortunately I cannot get the audio to work, whenever I hit the entertainment icon in the UI or the physical button in the center console, nothing happens and if I receive a phone call to a phone connected via Bluetooth, the infotainment shows that the call is incoming but once I answer it tells me to use handset audio. All other parts of the infotainment works as it should, it is only the audio related stuff that doesn't work. Has anyone ever experienced an issue like this? My thought was that it could maybe be one of the fuses that have gone bad, but which one, there are quite a few related to audio...?

2018 CX-9 GT
Have you tried a forced reboot of the system ?

Hold back + nav + mute at the same time.

If that doesn’t work you can try unplugging the battery (leave it unplugged for a little while). Then plugging it back. Sometime this resets the system as well.
2018 CX-9 GT
Also if you have the navigation system, i would try removing the sd card, it is possible that the new location confuse the system
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Gotta be something to do with the European systems (cell phones, radio transmission etc) that your U.S info system software doesn't like.
Were you able to find out if you can upload the European software version into your car?
@youri I tried what you said, but unfortunately it didn't help. Turned out to be the 25A Audio1 fuse that was blown, now the Audio is working fine except for the fact that I don't have all the frequencies available, but that's a different topic! Thanks for you help!

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