Newbie seeking advice on which Mazda2 to buy: Pre or Post 2019 facelift

Hi all

I'm desperately seeking some independent and switched-on advice on which Mazda2 I should buy as stated in the title. My local Mazda dealership aren't being particularly forthcoming with helpful info.
I do 8 hours motorway driving per week and I have minor back issues which mean I can't consider a car with very hard suspension.
From trawling through numerous M2 reviews it appears that the pre19-facelift model is good but there's a lot of engine and tyre noise at high speed and the suspension isn't the best.
The post19-facelift model in the brochure (unlike the pre-model) appears to be marketed primarily as an 'Urban City car' although apparently there have been improvements in the suspension and the soundproofing.

Could you tell me:

1) Are either or both pre- and post-models suitable for regular, albeit limited, motorway driving?
2) Given the choice in my situation, would you opt for a cheaper 2018 Mazda2, a 2020 Mazda2, or my other option of a 2018 MINI Hatch Cooper?

I'd so appreciate some sagely opinions because as I say my dealership just wants to sell me a car irrespective of whether it's right for me
I can´t answer your two questions directly, but I will chime in that as a 2012 Mazda2 owner, I am very happy with her and am in the middle of a refit to fix her up from a fender bender, repair her suspension and upgrade her audio system and eventually I plan to get her the intake upgrade, too. I´d just get the newest one with the lowest mileage at the best price (easy, right?).

And I don´t know how it is in your neck of the woods, but here I would be very wary of used car salesmen. I always prefer to buy from a private seller.
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Thanks for this.
Would you include mazda dealerships under your umbrella of used car salesman?
Absolutely. A lot of them just use manipulative tactics to get you to spend much more than the actual automobile is worth. And often you don't even get a decent (or any) warranty. Here's a video about said topic:

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