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Hello All, I just signed up to this forum and having been biting at the chomp to get some solid advice from some Mazda2 owners. The Mazda2 is the front runner in my quest to buy a good-looking, fuel efficient, reliable (Hopefully) and fun to drive subcompact. I have test driven the little car a couple of times but the dealers do not have the color I want so I must wait on a 2012. In the meantime, I saw the new redesigned 2012 Toyota Yaris which has the speedometer in the correct position, hoodline MUCH improved and a little longer etc.etc. etc. I cannot say that even with the new design improvements, that as a whole, it is a better looking car than the Mazda2.

BUT "HERE IS THE DILIMMA", I have owned several Toyotas and Hondas and know about their reliability. So since I haven't never owned a Mazda, I wanted to seek some reassurance from this group about the reliability of the Mazda2 and your mileage(odometer) so far. Anything else that you would like to add that is special about the Mazda2 (fuel efficency, gearbox, better features, price) that would have me dismiss the Yaris entirely. Mainly the reliability of your car or anyone's elses Mazda would be valued.. Thanks ahead of time and appreciatte your input.
I too was a 30 year Honda owner, civics and the last 7 years an Accord. I love my Mazda 2. I have a 5 speed Sport model and am very pleased with the extensive standard features and excellent price point. I have 3500 miles on my Mazda and it is great. I added a ScanGauge II and have averaged 39.7 MPG since new and the last three tanks yielded 42.5, 42.4 and 42.8 as the car is getting well broken in. My driving is 35% suburban and 65% highway at 60 to 65 MPH usually. The correlation between the ScanGauge and manual mileage calculations is right on, but I always check and am reporting the manual calculations.

It reminds me of my hatchback civics from the 1980s with more safety features, much better handling and a more comfortable ride, it is even better looking. If it runs effortlessly for 160000 miles like all my hondas, it will be perfect.

I second what Lou has said....I was a former Honda owner...for my wife and me the two deciding factors on our first Mazda purchase were value....features for the price....and the fun factor....this car is just plain fun to drive. My wife...who is not a big car person....said "This is the one"...the moment she first sat down in it. We were not originally considering a Mazda 2...we were going to purchase a FIT...but I felt compelled to give it a look...for the sake of bing complete in our reviews of the contenders. We considered the Yaris...given Toyota's reputation for reliability....but the 2011 Yaris was spartan...and more costly than the Mazda 2 when equipped with the features that we wanted. I have 3300 miles on far no issues...and very pleased with our decision....we will see how the reliability goes over time. And like reminds me of my first new car...a 1986 Civic DX Hatchback...but a lot more luxurious.
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My 2007 Mazda3 2.0 went to the shop zero times in the 4 years and 6 months I owned it. Only oil, filter, and tire replacements were performed. Also, zero rust spots while driving around on the frequently salty, slushy roads of Cincinnati.
If I had the decision to make over again I'd probably buy the same car. I like it, don't love it. I got it because I wanted an econobox & it seemed to fit my long legs the best out of the cars I test drove. I'm at 7600 miles & average 38.85 mpg's with the manual trans. I was only counting on averaging 32 mpg's, so I'm way ahead of what I had in mind.

It's fun to drive, especially rounding corners. You rarely have to slow down. It rarely seems to bog down or lug no matter what gear you're in for some reason. I can be in 5th at 30 mph & it runs fine as long as you're on flat ground.

I don't like starting off in the car, especially if you are on a hill. The throttle is extremely sensitive & you can't hear the engine. I stalled a ton at first. I quit that for the most part, but I over-rev it all the time poor clutch. :(
Maybe I just suck at driving though.

The only other thing I don't like is the lack of horsepower/torque when you want to pass someone going uphill. But that's the tradeoff for getting an econobox. I also used to drive on rough forest roads with my Jeep Liberty, and that was much nicer for that obviously.

But I'd buy the car again. I go on more trips now because it's so much cheaper & my drive to work is a lot more fun.
Its all a series of compromises and variations, but I like those choices Mazda made. Are there some things I'd like better? Yes, but overall the M2 is hard to beat.

It handles extremely well and is pretty economical. I got one of the early bad radios but Mazda replaced it in a recall.

My wife grabs it whenever she can, over her Fit, since its more fun to drive. If you ever had a small sports car, you'll love the M2.

YES. Lou and MyPreious the Honda hatchbacks is wanted I aspire to replicate in the Mazda2. I had a 1981 Civic GL Hatchback which looking back now was my absolute favorite car that I owned. I liked it better than my '84 CRX and then I bought the '85 CRX SI because it introduced the moonroof that I had to have. The little Civic was peppy with a 1500cc 5 speed delivering 67 hp and weighing a little more than 1800 lbs. In fact it was Honda's fastest car in 1981 over their "supposed" sport model Prelude.

The good looking little Civic's back seat folded down, back windows popped open, handling was pretty good and the gas mileage was sensational. And the deal with back then is that we the consumer didn't make such a big deal of it because "plenty" of econoboxes got great gas mileage. The Toyota Starlet I recalled got 50mpg on the highway.

The car turned over the mileage twice and just went and went with just the routine maintenence. Oil Changes, timing belts and water pumps, clutches etc. And I drove it fairly hard.

So then when I began the car hunt, I thought of that little car that did so much so well and asked myself what on the market today would get me close to that "feeling". I have driven the 2008 Yaris (5 speed) and it boring, The Chevrolet Sonic may be too much still an Aveo. The Fiesta is great looking but heard and Read that it is not as fun as the Mazda 2. I don't need the utilitiness of the Honda Fit. And that just led me back to a second test drive of the Mazda2 which did everything well and loved the shifting and the tight turning radius. And now that I hear the gas mileage ratings are even better than what Mazda states, this is VERY VERY encouraging. The new redesigned Yaris 5 speed shows 30 city and 38 highway and most of you had indicated even better mileage than those figures and maybe it is more fun to drive than previous models. Who knows. I do know that the 2012 Yaris' will arrive about a month before the new model 2's of my color choice so I will probably test drive one. I at least want to see one in person. But at this point, I am even more encouraged to buy the Mazda 2 but I have to wait for the new models.
Keep us posted on your thinking SubCompactor. We tested the Fiesta....and it was because we drove it that that I felt we should test the I mistakenly thought it to be a carbon copy of the Ford. Wow was I wrong....they actually seem IMHO to have very little in common. I like the styling of the 2 so much was more fun to drive....and a whole lot better get a comparable Fiesta would have been about 2 grand more. I have the automatic (wife does not do manual transmission...though my 86 Civic Hatchback was a 5 speed)...and it is rated at 27 city/33 highway. I have not done enough highway driving to get a good feel for the highway mileage...but I have averaged exactly 27 around town...which is all 5 mile trips at 30 mph...with the air conditioner it has been hotter than the bloody blue blazes in Indiana this summer.
The Fiesta is heavier than the M2, and Ford (intheirinfinitewisdom) put on a huge front sway bar on the Fiesta without balancing the car with a rear bar so it plows through the corners (like every other Ford.... Sigh). Than they made it in Mexico (with their usual quality control?).

The M2 is pretty quiet when driving (probably did get that from Ford) but needs better lumbar support in the seat (probably also got that from Ford---Sigh). Of course, if you actually like large amounts of poorly finished chrome doo-dads the Fiesta definitely comes out ahead.

We have a 2006 MAZDA5 GT, the Daughter has a MAZDA3 2010, and we got our Son a MAZDA2. Switching from the 5 to the 2, I can feel the difference i.e. not as much power as the 5's 2.3L. It does not 'go' as quick. But then I look at the fuel gauge and it reminds me why we got this car in the first place. Economy, and a support vehicle for our 'overworked' multiactivity MAZDA5. As to why we didn't consider other brands, we decided to play it safe.

and some videos explain why they look like they do. i.e. smiley face.
Last edited: I mistakenly thought it to be a carbon copy of the Ford. Wow was I wrong....they actually seem IMHO to have very little in common.

As best I can tell, there's actually not much mechanically in common between the two cars. They're built on the same platform, but it seems that the floorpan is where the similarities end. Ford's using a different engine and transmission in the Fiesta, as well as a different suspension setup (it amuses me to no end that our factory Mazda2/Demio suspension is actually the Ford Racing "performance" suspension upgrade for the Fiesta).

That said, I love my 2. It's our second Mazda; my wife now drives my 2006 3 sedan. I would consider Mazdas to be no less reliable than Hondas or Toyotas (plus, every car in Mazda's lineup except for the 6 and Tribute are actually manufactured in Japan, which isn't something that can be said of the competition).
I'm a Ford guy, own Ford stock and own Mazdas. The Fiesta bling is nice but what led me to the M2 - read the repair forum at FiestaFaction and also look up the complaints on the NHTSA website. The new 6-speed auto tranny is giving some people nightmares. Not all but enough multiple failures at a few thousand miles that the longevity of the tranny is very questionable. This was the primary deal killer for me. My daughter has a friend with a Fiesta and no issues yet. But I don't want to live with the chance it will fail soon or not last long at all.
Well...that is intriguing...that explains a lot....the 2 just felt like a little sports just begs to run. I am looking forward to this fall when it cools off and I have the chance to get out on some curvy two lane roads to have a little fun with her.

Dr. Webster said: as well as a different suspension setup (it amuses me to no end that our factory Mazda2/Demio suspension is actually the Ford Racing "performance" suspension upgrade for the Fiesta).
I'm at 3000 miles with no issues.

I bought it for a few reason. 4 Doors being a nice plus because insurance is cheaper. I had a Mini Cooper before this.

Being an America Horsepower guy the Mini taught me the joys on small light fun cars to drive. The Mazda 2 did an excellent job at staying light and nimble.
It helps that they got the shifter right as well.
I'm probably one of the higher mileage owners of the 2 as far as this forum goes. I know a couple of guys are around the same range, but I'm around 22K miles in my 2. The only two issues I've had weren't so much "reliability issues." The original shipment of 2's came with squeaky rear shocks and a radio that didn't like cold weather. Both items are recognized by Mazda and get fixed for free, and both items are already fixed on new 2's.

I've had zero problems. I love the car. I'm averaging just under 35mpg and I track every single fill-up through If you click on the banner in my sig you can look at detailed graphs of my mileage.

You should buy a 2.
I've had zero problems. I love the car. I'm averaging just under 35mpg and I track every single fill-up through If you click on the banner in my sig you can look at detailed graphs of my mileage.

You should buy a 2.[/QUOTE]

Sounds so impressive! I am going to view your mileage journal. Salesman called today to tell me to get my deposit ready to order. Apparently these 2's are not going to be on the lots till December.
Could you please send back your signature line. I am so green that I replied back and thought I could go back to it. Obviously I cannot. Thanks!
Go with the 2! I'm probably on the opposite end of the spectrum as everyone else when it comes to gas mileage, but if you saw me drive you'd understand how combined city/highway I get 30mpg. Best I've gotten driving around town was on a rally, I got 32 woohoo!

15,000 miles on mine since may and I'm having a blast. It's like a miata, but with a higher seating position and fixed roof :). At the track, more than a few people commented they were impressed with the way it handled. As far as not having power to pass people, true... You're not going to be passing quickly unless you use momentum. But, I've driven faster cars that weren't as much fun!

As far as reliabilty, I've had no issues so far. I have a 91 miata that made it 160,000 before a turbo and lack of a tune killed it, I have no doubt in my mind it would have easily turned over 200,000 if not for the turbo addition and my stupidity/lack of caring at that point ;)
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