2017~2024 Need CX-5 parking brake help!

Hi everyone, I replaced the rear brake pads on my 2018 CX5, and now I am having trouble with my parking brake not fully disengaging from one of the discs, causing the pads to drag slightly. I have a lot of experience with brake pad replacement, but this was my first time replacing pads with an electronic parking brake. I assumed it was the same as most other rear calipers, so I rotated them clockwise back into the bore. When I noticed the drag, I looked up the proper procedure, and I learned that you have to put the calipers in "service mode" before retracting the piston. Great. So I figured if I "reset" them using service mode after the fact, it would just reset the positioning automatically. Nope. Tried it several times and it will not fully release pressure on the pad after the parking brake is disengaged. Does anyone know how I can reset the caliper? I was thinking of just rotaing the piston back counter clockwise, but I don't know how far to go, and I wanted to check before I make things worse. Thanks for the help!
You're not the first one to make this blunder and you won't be the last.

Did you happen to notice the "wheels/brakes/susp" section of the forum? That's a good place to search for your answers.
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I'll move this thread to the correct subforum.

I believe someone has done exactly what you did and are trying to fix, and from what I recall, they had to take the caliper apart. I think there might also be a mark on the piston that shows the alignment if I remember correctly. Let me see if I can find that thread.
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Here's one person who was able to fix it themselves.

Some supporting info:

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