MX-5 PRHT Deck Not Closing when Top Down


So my windows work and go up and down fine. The Hex bolts on both sides by inside gears are tight. Checked wires behind back driver seat panel. All connected.The button on dash does not stay on. It gives the long beep as if everything is perfect. But the Deck is not down. l. I can even drive the car like that with no errors or beeps. But I'm not sure I want to do that.
I made a video. Here it is.
Do you have the tools for manually moving the top? I agree that it is puzzling why it would go all the way down when you put the top up, but not when it goes down. I've never had this happen to my MX.
Your car looks normal to me. The front edge of the rear deck will never go all the way down flush. Go put the top down, get out, and look at the rear of the deck around the back edge. The back edge of the deck will go down flush with the rear fenders and trunk lid. But the front edge will always have that gap - its the way its designed.

Also, if you're not already a member, go register at forums. MUCH more information on the Miata over there.
Thank you. Of course you are correct. I got the car a year ago today. Always had the Plastic Windward up. So I put it down last week and noticed the gaps and freaked out. It was a user error an ID01T error. Me being the idiot. Thanks again for your reply. Have a great day.

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