MSP/Protege various engine parts

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Everything OBO: I'm wanting to off load a couple of extra parts I have lying around. All parts are from a rebuilt engine that spun a bearing, parts should be in good working order, aside from crankshaft which will need to be machined. Not really sure what everything is worth, my loss your gain. Buyer pays shipping (I'll try to keep it cheap)

Willing to trade for A/C condenser, power steering pump, power folding mirrors, something cool.

Stock MSP Racing Beat springs and struts: $200
FSDE head, camshafts have surface rust, not sure if you want the head bolts but I'll include them if you want, cam gears will need to be put back in time: $200
FSDE valve cover: $50
FSDE Water pump brand newish: $25
Stock FSDE fuel rail w/injectors, O-rings may be missing: $150
Stock FSDE non-turbo exhaust manifold: make offer
Stock FSDE intake manifold: make offer
FSDE crankshaft, will need to be machined: $50
Stock FSDE oil pan, $20
Stock FSDE oil spacer thingy: $20
Stock OEM FSDE flywheel, no flywheel bearing (I have a few clutches and pressure plates if you want those too, will throw in for free): $30

Thanks for looking!
Pictures upon request of course.

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