Mazdaspeed6 / 3 parts

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Mazdaspeed 6 parts. some fit Speed 3

MZR 2.3L mazdaspeed 3 / 6 CYLINDER HEAD for rebuild core. $100 OBO

-MS6 New Billet aluminium transfer case bearing caps (Forum Bulk buy to strengthen transfer case)

-2x PCV valves NEW L325-13-890A
-1x Valve cover VVT seal L3K9-10-2D5A
-1x New Transfer case crush sleeve GC01-27-171
-6x New Transmission oil seal Drivers axle. A601-27-238
-2x Differential axle oil seal M0A7-27-238A
-Joint Shaft Dust Seal LN01-27-623
-1x diff input flange oil seal M054-27-165
-1x Diff pinion internal nut 9yb1-42-801a
-1x diff input flange nut 0223-27-030

-6x Clutch Flywheel to crank bolts NEW L304-16-311

Stock Intercooler
6spd AWD transmission 228k km
6spd AWD transmission 214k km with (MSF bulk buy brass tip shifter fork upgrade)
transfer case 228k km
T-case passenger joint shaft x2, one rebuilt.
Rear Differential 228k km
Starter motor x 2
MS6 Front axles two sets
Stock turbo in unknown condition came with car i bought as spare
Stock turbo off blown motor, likely just useful as a core.

Red front bumper
Red Mirrors
MS6 Front Radiator+AC condenser + Radiator support all as a unit


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